Notes for Game 06
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Game date: July 30, 2012

Score Box
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H HR
0 2 0 2 0 0 0   4 11 1
Tufts Health Plan Corp.
4 0 2 1 8 0 X   15 X 1
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Stats from the Game

Coachís Game Analysis:

Field Conditions:
Field was still pretty muddy from the rain on Saturday, made the infield mushy when trying to run.

Team put-up a good fight: Our defense was solid, but our offense struggled to make hits. Our opponent, Tufts, had lost just 3 regular season games over the past 4 seasons, and is considered one of the premiere teams in the league.

 - Bats were held pretty silent for most of the game. Had a good first inning, scored 2 (Kevin, Patsy). Mark V. got the third out with the bases loaded (deep fly ball.) Later on in the game, Matt hit an ITP HR (Kevin Scored). Other than that, a lot of ground outs and pop outs to short outfield.
 - Base running was better than last game. Kevin made the last out of the game getting doubled off first after straying too far on a pop foul behind first base.
 - Kevin had 2 really nice line drive hits into short center field, which seemed to be their one weakness.
 - Tuffs had a fullback playing short fielder that could really motor, very impressive.

 - Matt/Kevin/Bill combo at SS, 3B, 1B remains killer.
 - The other team went after Heather in short right field. She had some trouble with the sun, and they ended up with a big inning (8 runs). One play ended up with Heather and Bill colliding.
 - Had several players make catches and then drop the ball (rolled out of glove). Gowtham was able to barehand his drop and save the out.
 - Melissa's arm injury appears to have finally healed: she played the entire game out on the field.

Game Highlights:

Memorable Events:
 - A family of rabbits was having dinner in the outfield by the fence during the second half of the game.
 - Player on Tufts hit a 3 run homer over the fence in left into the woods.
 - Russell Rick played center field for the entire game, the first time he has done so in years. Had a good game playing CF as well.

Matt:2 for 3 (2-run ITP HR) with 2 runs and 2 RBIs.
Kevin:2 for 3 (2B) with 1 run.
Russell:2 for 3.
Melissa:1 for 2 with an RBI.

Tufts:6-4-3 double play on a Russ grounder to end the inning. (1st)
Tufts:F3 - 4 double play. After catching a foul-ball pop-up behind 1B, Kevin is doubled-up off 1B after straying too far from the bag. Play ended the game. (7th)
Verdasys:Gave-up 2 for fewer runs in 4 total innings, including 2 shut-out innings.

 - First "real" game played between Verdasys and Tufts since the 2009 season.

Bowler:Felt good enough to hit, but required a base runner to run for him after contact. Tufts would only agree to a pitch baserunner after he made contact and reached base safely. After an at bat, Bowler further injured his leg, forcing him to exit the game and go home. He is expected to be out for the rest of the season. Recommend not allowing him on the field again for his own safety.

Vitello:Slipped on a sprinkler system cover while throwing in a ball from the fence in LF. Said it felt like he pulled a muscle in his leg, but doesn't fell the injury is that severe. Was sore after the game and the next morning, but was fine a few days later.

Vitello Watch:

1 for 2 with an RBI.

- Bill put me in short left in the 3rd inning, almost made an amazing Ellsbury style forward diving catch, and made the third out in short left.
- Next inning Bill sent me to left. Ended up the day making three catches, no drops (you have good days, you have bad days :-)). One was hit over my head to the fence, and I slipped on the cover to the sprinkler system throwing the ball back in (those things suck) thought I might have pulled a Bowler, but I donít think itís that bad.

A-WOL Watch:

Was away. Did not play.

Mark Vitello is a reporter for Verdasys Softball. This story was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.