Verdasys Softball - The Movie (2012 Season Finale Replay)

Over the summer, various individuals expressed interest in watching the softball team play. However, due to other commitments, many were unable to attend. With that in mind, I figured I would provide the next best thing: bring the game to them.

During the teamís final game, we set-up several HD cameras and recorded the action. Later, I edited the footage to create an entertaining replay of the game, complete with sports broadcast-like graphics. Overall, it's actually quite entertaining.

The video was produced in 720p HD format, so ensure your video player is set to the maximum supported resolution before viewing.

Produced by: Andy Wolan
Footage by: Andy Wolan, Russell Rick
Photography: Heather Lesson
Editing Software: Power Director 11
Special Thanks: Chris L., Harriet and Gowtham