League Rules and Regulations
Last Updated: 06/24/2012

League Rules and Regulations
PDF copy of the official Waltham Recreation Co-ED Softball League rules and regulation as of June 24, 2012. NOTE: there are no changes since the 2010 season. (17KB)

Rule Clarifications:
  • There is no rule against sliding. This was confirmed with the commissioner. Contact with the fielder is to be avoided.

Recent Rule Changes:
  • Though not a rule change, the commissioner is placing extra emphasis this season on the minimum number of women players required to play a game.

    Remember that the rules state that there must be three women on the defensive field every inning. Also, three women must be included in the first ten batters. In fairness to the teams who have stayed true to the coed concept, please do not write your own rules if you are not able to satisfy these requirements. Any thing less than three women batting and fielding is considered a forfeit.