2012 Season Schedule
Last updated: 08/23/2012

G Date Time Field Dugout Opponent Result
16/26 (Tues)6:00MHomeGSN Digital (W) Forfeit
27/02 (Mon)6:00CAwaySoftworld (L) 19-20
37/11 (Wed)6:00CHomeLife Plans (W) Forfeit
47/16 (Mon)6:00CAwayMass Medical
(T) 9-9
57/24 (Tues)6:00CHomeMilestones (L) 3-7
67/30 (Mon)6:00MAwayTufts (L) 4-15
78/08 (Wed)6:00CHomeUp To Date (L) 12-33
88/13 (Mon)6:00MHomeB & V Testing (L) 14-22
98/22 (Wed)6:00CAwayBay Financial (L) 12-13

All games start at 6:00pm, unless noted otherwise.
C = Cusick (upper) Field M = Middlebrook (lower) Field

(To access a less detailed schedule listing, click here.)

  • Regular season schedule is only expected to change if there is a rain-out.

  • Playoffs will only incorporate the top four teams in the division. The 1st and 4th ranked teams and the 2nd and 3rd rank teams will face off in round 1. Winners will square off for title game.